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We Stay eN-Touch with Your Market

Because every market has unique requirements, specifications, and end-user preferences.

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We Stay eN-touch with Your Market

Because every market has unique requirements, specifications, and end-user preferences.

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We Stay eN-touch with Your Market

Because every market has unique requirements, specifications, and end-user preferences.

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About us.

eN-touch, a Nelson-Miller brand, focuses entirely on offering integrated touch screen solutions to a wide variety of markets. Nelson-Miller’s eN-touch brand is fully supported by a Los Angeles-based team of technical sales executives, engineers, customer service representatives, production, and quality professionals.


Resistive Touch Screens

Capacitive Touch Screens

Surface Acoustic Wave


Touch screens for the industrial setting must be rugged, and need to withstand harsh environmental conditions.


Optics and clarity of touch screens are one of the most important factors for the aerospace industry. The display must be clearly seen in bright and dim light situations, at varying times of the day.



At eN-touch, we understand the importance of having reliable and durable touch screen solutions for medical devices. Whether in the operating room, or directly for your consumer, we can support you with your application, from design to production launch.

Point of Sale (POS)

POS requirements are strict, and nobody knows that better than eN-touch. These solutions must be able to withstand gloved fingers, oil, water, and other kitchen and restaurant hazards. eN-touch has extensive experience developing perfect solutions for the POS environment.

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Quick, less than a minute crash course on our touch screen technologies!

What is a projected capacitive touch screen (PCAP)?

A Short Video Tutorial

What is a resistive touch screen? What application is a resistive touch screen best used for? How is a resistive touch screen built?


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