eN-Touch Touch Screen Solutions

eN-touch, a Nelson-Miller brand, focuses entirely on offering integrated touch screen solutions to a wide variety of markets. Nelson-Miller’s eN-touch brand is fully supported by a Los Angeles-based team of technical sales executives, engineers, customer service representatives, production, and quality team members.


With over 70 years of experience manufacturing and supplying metal and plastic nameplates, graphic overlays, rubber keypads, membrane switches, touch screens, and LCD modules, the eN-touch brand of touch screen solutions will allow new and existing clients the ability to integrate touch driven technologies into their new and existing products, while continuing to receive the unprecedented support and service that they have become accustomed to. Additionally, eN-touch will leverage existing relationships with long-time display partners, to offer custom and standard sized integrated liquid crystal displays.


And that’s not all! Our line also includes custom and standard mounting solutions, drivers, hardware, and software.


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