We Stay eN-Touch with Your Market

Every market has unique requirements, specifications and end-user preferences.  We have many years of experience in serving a variety of markets and supplying touch screen solutions for the most demanding applications.


At eN-Touch, we understand the importance of having reliable and durable touch screens for medical devices.  Whether in the operating room or directly for your consumer, we can support you with your application from design to production.  Read more >>


Optics and clarity of touch screens are one of the important factors for the aerospace industry.  The display must be clearly seen in bright and dim light and during various times of the day. Read more >>


Touch screens for the industrial settings must be rugged and need to withstand harsh environment; the touch screens are frequently used with thick gloves and need to respond to the operator.  Read more >>


We came across Point-of-Sale applications on daily basis, anywhere from Macy’s credit card signature devices to restaurant order entry stations. These direct consumer applications can range from durable resistive touch screens to multi-touch PCAP touch screens.  Learn more >>

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